Monday, December 21, 2009

It's official...I am a nerd!

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I was going to change the blog a bit. Today it started with the NVS button. I have been found to have enough nerdiness to be a part of the design team! I need a place to post my scrappiness and instead of making a second blog, I decided to make this one go through a metamorphosis. As I develop my blogging savy, I will add more. I will leave this post with a layout. I thought it was fitting since Christmas Eve is only 2 days away! I was pretty happy with this layout. I really enjoyed trying something new by not only painting the ghost letters, but also adding rub-ons to them. They really are very versatile. More to come after Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

DVC Wind Ensemble and Orchestra 12/5/09

Well, I must have done something right because Sara and Monte asked me to come back. I bought a new lens - a nice Sigma 50-150mm F2.8. It's a pretty nice lense and I was able to get more of the shots I wanted this time. I also brought the monopod, although, I'm not clear on how much it actually helped.

I was really enthralled with this angle. I got down on the ground and I liked the curved effect made by the lights. I took about 10 different shots from this angle.

There's a little story that goes with the next two photos. My husband was in the audience for this show. At this point in the music, the director was really getting into it. I had noticed and just kept my camera on him. At this moment, my husband searched for me, thinking I needed to get these photos, only to find me right where he thought I should be!

Sara wanted group shots. I had thought about bringing my tripod, but forgot it on the way out of the house. I think it would have helped. They turned out ok, but they could be better!

Thank you Sara for having me. I tell you, it is hard to enjoy the music while photographing, but there are moments that I stop just a bit to listen to the wonderful sounds around me. I hope you like the pictures. I do think I improved on myself this time!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Parkside 11/28/09

Andrew played his last show with the Parade Route at The Parkside in San Francisco. It was a pretty good show. A lot of people came out 'specially for Andrew.

I was able to get a few good shots of these three. Lately, I've been working on motion shots, trying to get their hands in movement, but everything else in foucs. It's rather difficult as I have to hold the camera quite still...but I'll keep playing.
No more Parade Route pics for awhile as they are sans a drummer; however, look forward to some changes coming to the blog!! You will see that my creative side does not stop at photography...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Quincey's Friday the 13th Show

Parade Route played Quincey's in Rohnert Park with Over The Falls, The mud the blood and the beer, & Trace of Light. A lot of people came out to watch and besides it being freezing in the bar, it was a good show. I was able to get a few shots of each of the bands, except for Trace of Light. I was the designated driver for the evening and the drive back to Novato is long.

Ryan from Over the Falls- I really didn't like the lighting in the picture and I think I made it even worse using the spotlight filter.

Tim from Over the Falls- I would have liked this to be more in focus, but I just love the expression on his face.

Brett from Over the Falls- Just can't take a man from his music. I love photos that show a person loving what they are doing.

Gabe from The mud, the Blood and the Beer- Drummers work hard, can't you tell?

John from The mud, the Blood and the Beer

Grant from The mud, the Blood and the Beer

I tried playing around with the corner angle a bit. I've been inspired lately by a portrait photographer that leaves a lot of space leading to her subject.

Sadly, there's one last show with Andrew later this month. He's decided to focus on school and is leaving the band. He better be ready to bring on his rock face to the last show!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Meet Miranda

This was my friend that was living inside my classroom. I didn't get a good picture of the other one living in the window above my desk. I named her (not sure if was male or female) Esmeralda. These two make that four black widows I've found in my classroom. One was under my desk! I am hoping to not find anymore.
The picture was taken with the Panasonic DMC-FX37. It's pretty good point and shoot with a terrific wide angle.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band, DVC college, 10/2/09

My friend Sara graciously trusted me to be the photographer for her concert. I was really nervous about this because it is completely different from photographing my husband's band. One, it's not my husband and if I suck, I would feel bad. Two, while it may be similar to rock band photography, it is still different.

I'm not very excited about the pictures. They are ok, but they are not fabulous. (Sara, you can tell me different and maybe I'll see the light!) Russ says they look good. All the close-up shots that I loved were too blurry. I just didn't feel right using flash even though Sara said I could. I got some nice, crisp pictures with the 50mm 1.8, but my zoom lens is a 4-5.6and only worked when I was close to my subjects.

I did get a really nice comment after the show. A woman came up and asked if I was the photographer. After I said yes, she praised me for my photography etiquette and said she hardly realized I was there. She felt it made her experience that much better. It was very kind of her to take the time to tell me that. Later, Sara's sister called me a picture ninja. I accept the new name. I am the picture ninja!

Next time: (if Sara and Monte still want me...) Bring my monopod. I was going to bring it last time, but forgot. Consider renting a zoom lens with a wider aperture.

This was my favorite from the show.

I love the raw emotion I caught in Monte's face. You can tell he is enjoying the music.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Parade Route - Phoenix, Petaluma, Sep. 25, 2009

The Parade Route rocked the Phoenix once again. They put up a bunch of new lighting and it made photographing a bit different than last time. I think I liked the lighting better last time.

I always try to get a good photo where I frame Andrew in Stephen's base. I did it! Now my new goal is to not have anything in front of Andrew's face.

Andrew and his super rock face. This has got to be one of the best rock face shots I been able to take of Andrew...he must be practicing! Now, if I could just figure out how to get rid of red eye when I take the photo.

I love the photos with the lights in them and have been trying to work them in more.

This is my new favorite Parade Route photo. I just love how Andrew is in the corner and the single light focusing on him gives the photo a great feeling.

Stephen seemed to be the focus of a lot of my photos this time. The light was the best on this side of the stage.

I like the corner angle shots. It makes for a much more interesting photo.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Parade Route CD Release Show 9/4/09

The Parade Route along with uMend and Scraping for Change rocked Brown's Binyerd in Novato. It was a well attended show and I think everyone was impressed with the new album. I, on the otherhand, was feeling very under the weather and took very few pictures that I am happy with. There were a few. I'm a little frustrated that I wasn't able to get pictures of everyone from uMend and Scraping for Change.

The poster...I was disappointed that I never got a picture of the posters under the lamps. I just didn't make it back there before people took them.

The singer of uMend - Hamish.

The guitar player, Darren, and the drummer, Scott, of uMend.

The bass player of Scraping for Change - Jonathan. Love the rock face!

I like the pictures without flash much better. The venues just don't make it easy on me with their lack of light. This one didn't turn out too bad though.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Parade Route - Quincey's, Rohnert Park, Aug. 21, 2009

I think this is the most difficult place I've photographed a band. Not only was the lighting really poor, but there were mirrors I had to avoid on both sides of the stage. You will notice that I also just introduced myself to vignetting. I think it gives the photos a "rock-show" edge.

I like the dichotomy between rockstar Andrew and the pretty, flowered wallpaper.

I like that all the light is focused on his guitar.

I just really like this.

Stephen had very red eyes and try as I might, photoshop just wasn't doing what I wanted it to. So, what is another solution for getting rid of red eye? Make it black and white! I really like Russ' expression in this one.

Thanks Russ (guitar/vocals), Andrew (drums), and Stephen (bass) for rocking Quincey's!