Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band, DVC college, 10/2/09

My friend Sara graciously trusted me to be the photographer for her concert. I was really nervous about this because it is completely different from photographing my husband's band. One, it's not my husband and if I suck, I would feel bad. Two, while it may be similar to rock band photography, it is still different.

I'm not very excited about the pictures. They are ok, but they are not fabulous. (Sara, you can tell me different and maybe I'll see the light!) Russ says they look good. All the close-up shots that I loved were too blurry. I just didn't feel right using flash even though Sara said I could. I got some nice, crisp pictures with the 50mm 1.8, but my zoom lens is a 4-5.6and only worked when I was close to my subjects.

I did get a really nice comment after the show. A woman came up and asked if I was the photographer. After I said yes, she praised me for my photography etiquette and said she hardly realized I was there. She felt it made her experience that much better. It was very kind of her to take the time to tell me that. Later, Sara's sister called me a picture ninja. I accept the new name. I am the picture ninja!

Next time: (if Sara and Monte still want me...) Bring my monopod. I was going to bring it last time, but forgot. Consider renting a zoom lens with a wider aperture.

This was my favorite from the show.

I love the raw emotion I caught in Monte's face. You can tell he is enjoying the music.

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