Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 Things

For my 10 things post this month, I am going to share why I haven't posted in FOREVER! I have good reasons, really, I do!

10. Our dog Sweet Pea has been feeling neglected and needs attention whenever I can give it to her. Getting on-line becomes less important when this sweet thing needs a walk and some love!

9. The holidays: It becomes a time that goes by quickly and you're not sure where all the time went. But it sure was fun!

8. House addition: We are looking to add a master bed and bath. We've been working with a contractor and trying to figure how to make it happen. We need more space and unfortunately, our house is worth less than we paid for it right now!

7. Friendships: I'm trying to see my friends more and my husband literally kicks me out of the house some nights when my girlfriends call and want to spend time with me.

6. Family: I've been wanting to spend more time with my family, but the husband's family needs lots of support right now. My father-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer a couple of months ago. He seems to be doing pretty well with the chemo treatments, but my mother-in-law is running herself ragged taking care of him. We've been trying to support them as much as we can.

5. Nerdy Girls seems to be out of commission. The website I was on the design team for hasn't posted a monthly contest in quite some time. It forced me to no only make a blog post every month, but it also got me to scrapbook at least once a month.

4. Sleeping: I've been doing a lot lately. My sleeping pattern seems to be changing and I'm not sure when I'll ever find normalcy again!

3. School: I've been working on an added authorization so I can officially be a special education preschool teacher. Right now, I have a temporary credential. I'm taking on-line classes that are a month long and it extremely time-consuming! Luckily, I only have one more week, then I get a nice long break!

2.My new job: Going from high school to preschool has been a struggle energy-wise. There is also a learning curve. I was at the high school for 10 years. I knew what was expected and how it all flowed. I'm still trying to get a flow going without needing a nap everyday!

1. And the number 1 reason, which really affects all the other reasons: I'm pregnant! It's been a trying and anxiety filled time! The first trimester knocked me off my feet. I literally came home from work and slept for almost 2 hours during the month of September and October. It's our first and the reason our house just isn't quite big enough. It's the reason poor Sweet Pea is getting less love. It's the reason that my job is so exhausting. We're half-way through (20 weeks!) and we are very excited! The photo is from 3 weeks ago. Not much belly then. I'm still not very big. Only people that know me can tell.

So now you know! I can't promise to blog more. Living life has become difficult enough. I will try though. I think I can post at least once more before the year ends.
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

October Color Combo Blog Hop

Hi! Thanks for joining our blog hop today. If you arrived from Sugar and Scrap, thank you for hopping all the way down to me! If you are here and didn’t come from the previous blog, I am listing the hop below my post so you can go start back at the beginning if you wish!

Welcome to the Color Combo Blog Hop!! My life has been so busy, I have not posted since the summer! An update on where I've been will follow in another blog post.

I had a choice of three combos this month. They were all gorgeous, but this was where I settled.

Isn't it just beautiful? I wanted to photograph some leaves, but it gets lighter later and darker sooner and winter just kept me from it. So, I made a scrapbook page of my Thanksgiving last year. I don't think it's quite finished yet. I want to add something to the space on the right, but am not sure what yet. If you have ideas, please let me know!

It's made with My Mind's Eye So Sophie papers. The glitter stickers are Making Memories and the ribbon is from my stash. I just love the glitter stickers.

I glued down the velvet ribbon first and decided the layout needed a little more purple to pull it together. I added the purple on top of the velvet. I like the effect.

I also added a movable element on my page and hid the journaling. I didn't think about it when I made it, but I should have photographed how I did it. If you want to know, ask! I'd be happy to tell you.

Thank you again for stopping by and joining the blog hop! Your next stop is Handmade by Kirsty so please continue on to see her beautiful creation!

The entire hop:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Color Combo Blog Hop!!

Hi! Thanks for joining our blog hop today. If you arrived from Adrienne's, thank you for hopping all the way down to me! If you are here and didn’t come from the previous blog, I am listing the hop below my post so you can go start back at the beginning i you wish!

This month's color combo is very summery. The sample picture is of a clementine. Who doesn't love a clementine?? I love the orange and green. And, well, I just love gray with everything!!

I had time and was inspired to take photos this month. I have one zucchini plant, which my dad says is the wrong way to grow them and the reason why I have only gotten two zucchinis this year. I just didn't have the space for more plants with all the things I wanted to grow. Anyway, while it doesn't make very many zucchinis, it does make a lot flowers, which are very similar in color to clementines.

This doesn't have the nice orange or yellow in it, but I just love the bunch of tomatoes!

Thank you for joining us today! I hope we have inspired you to get creative. If you use the color combo yourself, let me know. I'd love to see what you do with it!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Level Up Beat Down Rocks Petaluma

It has been entirely too long. The last few weeks have just flown by. I finished summer school and started my summer online class before summer school was over. In the middle of that, I went on a short vacation. Whew! Now, I'm finally able to enjoy some summer before I have to head back to work!

Last month Level Up Down Down played The Phoenix. They played a good set to about 4 fans. The rest of the bands were, um, quite different from them. I always love photographing at the Phoenix, but the lighting was not near as good this time, I do have several good ones to share with you though and quite possibly a couple new favorites.

These last two are my favorites from the night. I love how Stephen is off all alone and thought the black and white worked really well. I love the one of Russ because it has some movement to it. I just really love how I framed it and the look on his face goes with the warmth of the lights.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July Color Combo Blog Hop

Hi! Thanks for joining our blog hop today. If you arrived from Helena's thank you for hopping all the way down to me! If you are here and didn’t come from the previous blog, I am listing the hop below my post so you can go start back at the beginning if you wish!

The color combo for this month is just delicious! It reminds me of some of the colors I saw in Nicaragua 5 years ago. The summer hues palette comes from Design Seeds.

I chose to make a scrapbook page this time. I started out by grabbing the cardstock that matched the combo then searched for patterned paper I could use. I found the pictures that worked with the combo and my patterned paper. Then I set to work. It's a very simple layout that showcases the photos and the story.

Thank you for joining us today! I hope we have inspired you to get creative. If you use the color combo yourself, let me know. I'd love to see what you do with it!

Here's the whole train in case you missed out on anyone:


Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 Things

Welcome to 10 things on the 10th! For this post, I'd like to highlight 10 things I hope to accomplish with the rest of my summer. I'm teaching summer school for one more week and I'm taking an online class that lasts until the end of July; So, I already have my top two things that I know I'll accomplish!

1. Finish Summer School with a bang - this summer session has been tough. I'm teaching a group of pre-k students that are definitely not ready for Kindergarten. We are working on how to line up, how to sit for instruction and how to follow directions. One little girl hits students for no apparent reason several times a day. While I have enjoyed working with the age, I will be happy for it to end!

2. Finish my online class with an A! My credential only covers K-12 so in order to work with Early Intervention I needed an added authorization. I found an online university where there are 6 classes I need in order to meet that. The first class started July 5th. It is pretty intense because it's only a month long. I'm glad the first one is during summer when I'm not working full time. I haven't been to school since 2007! We'll see about the A...

3. Go to a Giants game. (Already Scheduled)

4. Go to Disneyland. (Already Scheduled)

5. Go to the beach with Mrs. Stafford.

6. Spend time with my niece and nephew.

7. Attend Scrapbook expo... not scheduled, but it should be!

8. Play trivia at Finnegan's at least once!
Craziness at the Irish pub!
9. Go rafting with the teachers.
This is last year's trip. Super fun!
10. Spend as much time in the hammock eating popsicles as possible.

I'm so excited to have some time off soon. This summer has been a lot warmer than last summer and I can't wait to spend time with friends and family enjoying the beautiful weather!
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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Cheryl M. is our winner!! Contact me so I can send you the prize.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June Color Combo Blog Hop

Welcome to the Color Combo Blog Hop!

If you arrived from Amy's, you are in the right place! If you are here and didn’t come from the previous blog, I am listing the hop below my post so you can go start back at the beginning if you wish!

This is the wonderful color combo for this month! Isn't it just super summery??

Winter finally went away...I hope! I was able to stop wearing sweaters and enjoy some sun. For this color combo, I found a couple of things that makes me think of summer! One is cherries. I adore cherries and sadly they are only around for a very short time. Now is that time and they are delicious! The second is my Banana Republic swimsuit. I love the colors on this suit. It is summer perfect. I just hope it still fits this year!

Ok, let's try giving a prize away again! The winner of last months color blog hop doesn't appear to want a prize because, despite efforts on my part, she hasn't responded. So, this is the wonderful prize I have. Become a follower and leave a comment saying something about wanting the prize (so I don't choose someone that doesn't want it) and you could be receiving a package in the mail very soon!

Now head on over to Helena's blog to continue on this fabulous color combo hop!


Happy Hopping!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

10 Things on the 10th day of June...

I'm going to try to participate in Shimelle's10 things challenge. This month I thought I'd let you get to know me a little bit and tell you about 10 changes happening in my life. I think there's at least 10!

1. THE BIG ONE! I've been teaching high special education for 10 years and have really been feeling burnt out. Last year, the director approached me and asked if I was interested in an elementary position. I seriously considered it, but wanted to see the students I had as freshmen graduate. She approached me this year and I was excited at the possibility. I was given three options, an elementary school, a K-8 charter school or Early Intervention - teaching Pre-k special ed. The pre-k option sounded exciting, especially with my preschool background. After letters and fretting and thinking and considering...I'm going to be an Early Intervention teacher. And, it all starts with summer school. It's a crazy, huge change, but I am ecstatic.

2. That leads to changing from a big school with close to 100 employees to a small school with less than 20. I'm thinking this will be a good change too. No more not getting to know all the new teachers. I'll know everyone!

3. We had a new fence put up in the backyard. I'm still trying to figure out if I like it or not. It's supposed to give the backyard a modern feel. The husband likes it, so I'm sure it will grow on me.

4. I think I can finally stop wearing my thick sweaters. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this change will continue. It's been so cold here in Northern California!!

5. I got bangs! My hair has been all the same length with some small layers for quite some time. I've even left it a bit curly some days and people really like it. I'm still not sure; it's very wild.

6. I've been using the calendar in my iphone. I can set little reminders. Shhh...but I kinda like the technology, even though I think technology is evil and will destroy the world. Yep, I have a blog...Don't roll your eyes!

7. I'm trying to figure out who my best friend is. I thought I knew this one. But, when someone lets you down in a big way, you have to reconsider. Of course, this person is still my friend, but I need a bestie. Right now, that seems to be my journal.

8. I'm going to farmer's market again. And, I am madly in love with peaches and cherries and strawberries and blueberries and white raspberries and oranges. I love all the fresh, tasty fruit!

9. I'm considering changing gyms. My gym is canceling all my favorite classes. However, I've belonged to my gym for quite some time and have a great deal $30 a month! The new place I'm considering is more expensive, but has classes that I'll attend. It's also closer to the new school. Hmmm...still thinking.

10. I'm going to take my last calcium pill tomorrow. I've been taking a calcium pill since my doctor suggested it years ago. Not too long ago, I've read that taking calcium can cause other things like cancer. I figure that my multivitamin has a bit of calcium and I love cheese so I shouldn't be too bad off.

That was actually a bit difficult. I've never done a post with so much writing. More changes are coming, at least that's what my horoscope keeps saying. What about you? Any big changes happening in your life?

Monday, May 16, 2011

NVS Challenge and a Winner!

Thank you everyone for playing along with the Color Combo Blog hop. Everyone had something different to share. I just loved that color combo!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments. You are too sweet. And, thanks to everyone that decided to become a follower!! Stayed tuned at the end for our winner.

It's time for a new challenge from Nerdy*Victorious*Scrapbookers! The collage for this month is a lot of pink and green and polka dots. I decided to make a card while I try to get my scrapping mojo back.

Here is the lovely collage:

I used that to make this lovely, little card for a very girly friend on her birthday!

Doesn't the collage just make you want to create? Well, get to it! Make something crafty and get on over to NVS and show us what you've got!

And what some of you have been waiting for....A winner. My goal was to get 30 followers. You guys were so wonderful, I ended up with 35! I am filling the box with everything I can fit and will be sending it off soon as she emails me her address.

Thanks everyone. Please think about playing along at NVS and come back in June for another Color Blog Hop!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Color Combo Blog Hop and a prize!!

Welcome to the Color Combo Blog Hop!!

If you arrived from Melissa's you are in the right place! If you are here and didn’t come from the previous blog, I am listing the hop below my post so you can go start back at the beginning if you wish!

This is our beautiful color palette courtesy of The Inspired Bride:

I used to the photo to get my inspiration started because I have one of these plants in my yard and had been wanting to take pictures with some water drops on it. My plant is not in as good condition as this one, but still fit the color combo. I added a tiny yellow flower from the grass in.

Next I moved onto some yellow flowers that haven't quite bloomed yet in the front yard. I used a close-up filter to get a nice, tight photo and a blurred background. I think the effect is quite ethereal.

Last, I remembered this fuzzy plant on the side yard. It's so soft. I just love to touch it! I brought along the tiny, yellow flower to keep with the color combo.

Now for a prize!! I have a small assortment of NIP scrap supplies. I squished a bunch of fun items into a small priority mail box. Leave me a comment on this post and become signed up to follow my blog. I will pick someone at random to receive this:

Right now I have 20 followers. If I can reach 30, I will add more to the box!
Now head on over to Calendula's and see what she has in store for you!!