Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 Things

Welcome to 10 things on the 10th! For this post, I'd like to highlight 10 things I hope to accomplish with the rest of my summer. I'm teaching summer school for one more week and I'm taking an online class that lasts until the end of July; So, I already have my top two things that I know I'll accomplish!

1. Finish Summer School with a bang - this summer session has been tough. I'm teaching a group of pre-k students that are definitely not ready for Kindergarten. We are working on how to line up, how to sit for instruction and how to follow directions. One little girl hits students for no apparent reason several times a day. While I have enjoyed working with the age, I will be happy for it to end!

2. Finish my online class with an A! My credential only covers K-12 so in order to work with Early Intervention I needed an added authorization. I found an online university where there are 6 classes I need in order to meet that. The first class started July 5th. It is pretty intense because it's only a month long. I'm glad the first one is during summer when I'm not working full time. I haven't been to school since 2007! We'll see about the A...

3. Go to a Giants game. (Already Scheduled)

4. Go to Disneyland. (Already Scheduled)

5. Go to the beach with Mrs. Stafford.

6. Spend time with my niece and nephew.

7. Attend Scrapbook expo... not scheduled, but it should be!

8. Play trivia at Finnegan's at least once!
Craziness at the Irish pub!
9. Go rafting with the teachers.
This is last year's trip. Super fun!
10. Spend as much time in the hammock eating popsicles as possible.

I'm so excited to have some time off soon. This summer has been a lot warmer than last summer and I can't wait to spend time with friends and family enjoying the beautiful weather!
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  1. Great post - you'll have loads of fun keeping to that - enjoy :0)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful summer!! Have fun completing your list.

  3. You are going to be busy! Sounds like some amazing fun times. Enjoy!

  4. Your summer plans sound fun! Enjoy!!!

  5. Sounds like your having a busy and fun summer! I really like the sounds of #10, but alas we won't have shade in our back yard until our tree grows a lot more.

  6. cute pic's and great list:)!!

  7. Looks like summer will be fun!

  8. Great post! Looks like you will have a fun filled summer. Good luck with getting everything accomplished.

  9. Great list, love your hammock! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  10. Your list sounds full of fun possibilities and I would love to be relaxing in the hammock!