Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Go Giants!

I had the amazing experience of sitting right next to the field in the Corona Beach Club AT&T park.  It was so cool to be so close to the red dirt.  What I especially enjoyed was the space at the end of our area for taking pictures.  I brought my big zoom lens with a 2.8 f stop and was able to get some really awesome pictures.  I felt like a professional sports photographer getting a chance to get close to my favorite team!

I know this is the "other" team, but I was sitting right next to the bullpen and look at these photos!  When it was quiet, you could hear the sound of the ball as the pitchers warmed up.  I got a better understanding of just how fast their pitches are.

Even though we lost, it was a fantastic experience that I will always remember from these great photos. From a photographer's viewpoint, it was my favorite seat.  Not the best seat for trying to cheer my team to a win because I was always busy looking for that 'next great photo'!