Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Go Giants!

I had the amazing experience of sitting right next to the field in the Corona Beach Club AT&T park.  It was so cool to be so close to the red dirt.  What I especially enjoyed was the space at the end of our area for taking pictures.  I brought my big zoom lens with a 2.8 f stop and was able to get some really awesome pictures.  I felt like a professional sports photographer getting a chance to get close to my favorite team!

I know this is the "other" team, but I was sitting right next to the bullpen and look at these photos!  When it was quiet, you could hear the sound of the ball as the pitchers warmed up.  I got a better understanding of just how fast their pitches are.

Even though we lost, it was a fantastic experience that I will always remember from these great photos. From a photographer's viewpoint, it was my favorite seat.  Not the best seat for trying to cheer my team to a win because I was always busy looking for that 'next great photo'!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ladies Weekend

This past weekend I experienced my first ladies weekend as a mother.  It was the first time I was away from my baby girl overnight and it was hard to say goodbye.  It was harder to say goodnight by face time, but, it was an amazing weekend!  Sometimes you don't realize how much you need something until you are in the midst of it.  This was one of those times.  I rarely have girl time any more.  All my best girl friends are not mothers and have exciting, busy lives that involve late nights and exotic places.   I also rarely have alone time, which I suppose I could ask for, but I seem to feel guilty about.  I have no problem scheduling things with a purpose, but alone time seems selfish and unpurposeful.  I need to get over that.

The weekend was for one of my coworkers that turned 50 this year.  I was the youngest girl there, but everyone made me feel so comfortable.  There were about 12 of us that stayed in a really nice house on Dillon Beach.  Each day involved wonderful food and drink, beach time, great conversation, lots of fun and very little sleep.  It was fantastic!  The only downer was the sad football game where the Niners lost : (

I made the mistake of not charging my camera battery before leaving, so I had to be frugal with my picture taking.
 An amazing breakfast that involved delicious muffins, fruit and oatmeal. 
 The path we walked down to the beach.

 The house at sunset where I spent my fantastic weekend.
 I have a lot of pictures of sunsets. They are just so dang awesome!

 A delightful dinner.  We did not go hungry and had enough food to last another weekend!
 My favorite sunset picture.

 The view from our living room.  I could live here.
 Enjoying the beach barefoot.  I did not bring the right clothes for this weekend.  The last and only time I went to Dillon beach it was 90 degrees at my house and about 60 at the beach.  I was prepared for cold.  I brought pants and long sleeve shirts.  It was a toasty 70 each day!
 Cool surfer picture.
  Everyone has to get a cool footprint in the sand picture.