Thursday, June 9, 2011

10 Things on the 10th day of June...

I'm going to try to participate in Shimelle's10 things challenge. This month I thought I'd let you get to know me a little bit and tell you about 10 changes happening in my life. I think there's at least 10!

1. THE BIG ONE! I've been teaching high special education for 10 years and have really been feeling burnt out. Last year, the director approached me and asked if I was interested in an elementary position. I seriously considered it, but wanted to see the students I had as freshmen graduate. She approached me this year and I was excited at the possibility. I was given three options, an elementary school, a K-8 charter school or Early Intervention - teaching Pre-k special ed. The pre-k option sounded exciting, especially with my preschool background. After letters and fretting and thinking and considering...I'm going to be an Early Intervention teacher. And, it all starts with summer school. It's a crazy, huge change, but I am ecstatic.

2. That leads to changing from a big school with close to 100 employees to a small school with less than 20. I'm thinking this will be a good change too. No more not getting to know all the new teachers. I'll know everyone!

3. We had a new fence put up in the backyard. I'm still trying to figure out if I like it or not. It's supposed to give the backyard a modern feel. The husband likes it, so I'm sure it will grow on me.

4. I think I can finally stop wearing my thick sweaters. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this change will continue. It's been so cold here in Northern California!!

5. I got bangs! My hair has been all the same length with some small layers for quite some time. I've even left it a bit curly some days and people really like it. I'm still not sure; it's very wild.

6. I've been using the calendar in my iphone. I can set little reminders. Shhh...but I kinda like the technology, even though I think technology is evil and will destroy the world. Yep, I have a blog...Don't roll your eyes!

7. I'm trying to figure out who my best friend is. I thought I knew this one. But, when someone lets you down in a big way, you have to reconsider. Of course, this person is still my friend, but I need a bestie. Right now, that seems to be my journal.

8. I'm going to farmer's market again. And, I am madly in love with peaches and cherries and strawberries and blueberries and white raspberries and oranges. I love all the fresh, tasty fruit!

9. I'm considering changing gyms. My gym is canceling all my favorite classes. However, I've belonged to my gym for quite some time and have a great deal $30 a month! The new place I'm considering is more expensive, but has classes that I'll attend. It's also closer to the new school. Hmmm...still thinking.

10. I'm going to take my last calcium pill tomorrow. I've been taking a calcium pill since my doctor suggested it years ago. Not too long ago, I've read that taking calcium can cause other things like cancer. I figure that my multivitamin has a bit of calcium and I love cheese so I shouldn't be too bad off.

That was actually a bit difficult. I've never done a post with so much writing. More changes are coming, at least that's what my horoscope keeps saying. What about you? Any big changes happening in your life?


  1. Thanks for sharing such a personal list.

  2. Love your creative way of documenting 10 things. Lots of writing, but so worth it sometimes! TFS!

  3. WEll dne fo rsuch an honest post

  4. Wishing you happiness with all the changes going on for you!

  5. wow lots happening in your life, I really wish you well with all the changes bigan little

  6. i'm just like you on number 6. i love my new iphone but i'm determined not to be one of those iphone people!

  7. I'm with you on #7 unfortunately. Hope you find one soon!

  8. Wow, lots happening at the moment! Good luck in your new job :)