Friday, November 20, 2009

Quincey's Friday the 13th Show

Parade Route played Quincey's in Rohnert Park with Over The Falls, The mud the blood and the beer, & Trace of Light. A lot of people came out to watch and besides it being freezing in the bar, it was a good show. I was able to get a few shots of each of the bands, except for Trace of Light. I was the designated driver for the evening and the drive back to Novato is long.

Ryan from Over the Falls- I really didn't like the lighting in the picture and I think I made it even worse using the spotlight filter.

Tim from Over the Falls- I would have liked this to be more in focus, but I just love the expression on his face.

Brett from Over the Falls- Just can't take a man from his music. I love photos that show a person loving what they are doing.

Gabe from The mud, the Blood and the Beer- Drummers work hard, can't you tell?

John from The mud, the Blood and the Beer

Grant from The mud, the Blood and the Beer

I tried playing around with the corner angle a bit. I've been inspired lately by a portrait photographer that leaves a lot of space leading to her subject.

Sadly, there's one last show with Andrew later this month. He's decided to focus on school and is leaving the band. He better be ready to bring on his rock face to the last show!!

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