Monday, December 14, 2009

DVC Wind Ensemble and Orchestra 12/5/09

Well, I must have done something right because Sara and Monte asked me to come back. I bought a new lens - a nice Sigma 50-150mm F2.8. It's a pretty nice lense and I was able to get more of the shots I wanted this time. I also brought the monopod, although, I'm not clear on how much it actually helped.

I was really enthralled with this angle. I got down on the ground and I liked the curved effect made by the lights. I took about 10 different shots from this angle.

There's a little story that goes with the next two photos. My husband was in the audience for this show. At this point in the music, the director was really getting into it. I had noticed and just kept my camera on him. At this moment, my husband searched for me, thinking I needed to get these photos, only to find me right where he thought I should be!

Sara wanted group shots. I had thought about bringing my tripod, but forgot it on the way out of the house. I think it would have helped. They turned out ok, but they could be better!

Thank you Sara for having me. I tell you, it is hard to enjoy the music while photographing, but there are moments that I stop just a bit to listen to the wonderful sounds around me. I hope you like the pictures. I do think I improved on myself this time!

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  1. My son is in the akron youth symphony and of course he plays percussion so he is in the back. it is soo hard to get great shots during that type of performance, but you did a great job.