Thursday, September 17, 2009

Parade Route CD Release Show 9/4/09

The Parade Route along with uMend and Scraping for Change rocked Brown's Binyerd in Novato. It was a well attended show and I think everyone was impressed with the new album. I, on the otherhand, was feeling very under the weather and took very few pictures that I am happy with. There were a few. I'm a little frustrated that I wasn't able to get pictures of everyone from uMend and Scraping for Change.

The poster...I was disappointed that I never got a picture of the posters under the lamps. I just didn't make it back there before people took them.

The singer of uMend - Hamish.

The guitar player, Darren, and the drummer, Scott, of uMend.

The bass player of Scraping for Change - Jonathan. Love the rock face!

I like the pictures without flash much better. The venues just don't make it easy on me with their lack of light. This one didn't turn out too bad though.

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