Sunday, September 12, 2010

Really missing my camera

I've completed my 2009 scrapbook. It is a great sense of accomplishment. Now I have nothing to scrapbook because I haven't printed any pictures from 2010. I'm also feeling lost without a camera. There's this lovely, special photo shoot I've had planned for several weeks now, but I have no camera! Well, I have a film camera that a co-worker has let me borrow. But, it won't work for the shoot I have planned. I need digital! I was trying to wait for the insurance; however, I think the insurance is trying to see what the investigation comes up with. And, as much as I watch CSI, real investigations are apparently nothing like CSI. They have not wrapped up our robbery in an hour. Heck, it's taken a couple of weeks to work through the fingerprints. I may only be able to last a little longer without a precious digital camera. There are fleeting moments I need to capture!

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