Saturday, August 28, 2010

Realization of Friendship!

After being robbed, it's a horrible feeling to leave your house and return again. I'm not sure when that feeling, as I open the door of dread, will leave. I actually breathe a sigh of relief when I enter and see everything in its correct place.

Friends, neighbors and coworkers were very supportive. Everyone asks how we're doing and if we've heard anything yet (nope). We made new friends with a neighbor about 4 houses down the street. She has this amazing son that has such a wonderful heart. I'm so glad the incident introduced us.

I even had one co-worker give me an old film camera that "he just had sitting around". I haven't taken any pictures yet. The film concept seems so foreign after several years of digital. I will though. I'm afraid of the outcome, but also remember the excitement of not knowing exactly what you were going to get when you picked up your prints!

We are also going to use this as a way to upgrade my DSLR. I had a wonderful Nikon D70. It took great photos and I learned so much while I had it. I'm now looking at D90. One thing to be thankful for is that they didn't take my back pack full of lenses. Replacing the camera will be much easier than replacing the lenses I had gotten as presents or saved up for. And, the D90 works with all of them!

Not sure when I'll order a new camera. Definitely before the wedding we have to go to in October. So, the blog may be picture-less until then.

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