Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shimelle Class - Prompt 8 Blue Skies

I rarely take my setting off aperture priority, but this prompt helped me do that. I set it for shutter priority, started at one side and worked my way through the different shutter speeds. It's really cool how exposure can affect the color of the sky.

I went down to the city hall that was recently remodeled and played around. I had been waiting for some clouds to shoot, but, the sky keeps telling me no. I wake up to fog and when it finally leaves, it's blue skies all day. I should be happy, it's finally feeling like summer! The best part was when I was photographing the top of city hall, the bell rang. I didn't even know there was a bell in the tower. I had to stop and smile!

I made a layout of the different shutter speeds so you can see the difference that exposure has on your blue skies. The longer the shutter is left open, the more light that comes in and the lighter the sky will be.

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  1. Great comparison image. I also tend to stick with aperture priority. I need to play more with shutter priority.