Thursday, August 13, 2009

Parade Route Photoshoot - Aug. 2009

I had the opportunity to photograph a band hailing from the Sonoma/Marin area called "The Parade Route". These guys are hilarious and they had me laughing the whole time. They had a very specific idea in mind, even bringing along a CD cover they were trying to emulate. I don't own any lighting equipment, so we made do. We tried turning lights off and on in the area as well as bringing in the lamp from the living room. They seemed to think it turned out well.

The two shots they used for their new album, Wreckage and Disaster:

My personal favorite was not an actual shot, I was just shooting to check out the light:

Them enveloped in all their hilarity:

I learned something as well. I need to learn how to make paint through photoshop. I mean actual, physical paint. We've taken samples of the kitchen/diningroom paint to have it matched and it just hasn't come out quite right, yet. You can see the different paint spots we've tried. Not in the photos however, because Photoshop matches those spots perfectly. Amazing!

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