Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alaska - July/Aug. 2009

Alaska was amazing. The first couple of days were drizzly and foggy and I have very few pictures from then, however, the days after that were sunny and warm, almost felt like I was in California. It was absolutely stunning. I'm looking at my photographs and they don't even begin to show the beauty.
The water is the color it is, not blue, because of glacier silt. As the glacier pushes down, it collects dirt and rocks grinding them into very fine sand that floats in the water.

I followed this seagull for awhile trying to get a picture. I was a little disappointed that he was so close to the edge of the frame, but happy that I caught him with his wings expanded.

This was one of the first sights Russ and I saw together. We took a 9 mile bike ride around Juneau and this was a lake as seen from Chapel by the lake.

In order to get where we were, you had to boat in. These kayakers had to come from pretty far and had a long ways to get back home. I'm sure their view was much better than mine from the cruise ship though.

The water melting from this glacier was massive. It seemed to be never ending. I'd like to come back in a couple of years and see the difference.

This guy was running around on my hike to Lower Dewey Lake in Skagway. He was very camera shy. After scaring him, I had to quietly wait for him to come back out.

I was so excited to see a bald eagle and I waited a good half hour for this guy to fly but he wasn't having any of that. It was his rest time.

Alaska is an amazing and wonderful place. If you ever have the chance to visit, I highly recommend it!

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