Saturday, May 18, 2013

10 things on the .... oops, I just didn't get it done!

I can't believe it's been since August of last year that I've updated this page and I'm surprised to find people are still visiting it!  I hardly turn my computer on anymore let alone update my blog.

I started this on the 10th, but time, electricity, etc, etc, just kept me from finishing it.  But here it is.  8 moments, events, places that have given me the best feelings since last August.  I wanted to finish this and decided to leave it at 8 so I could be done with it. 

1.Taking my baby girl to the beach.  I love the beach and I think she will grow to love it too.  She enjoyed running the sand through her fingers and trying to chase after dogs.  Her dog is pretty old and doesn't move too fast.  She was really impressed with the dogs chasing balls.  We're definitely spending some time at the beach this summer.  There's a couple of places that were recommended and I know she will have a great time.
 2. My birthday.  My friends came over with junk food that we ate when we were freshly out of high school.  I don't ever really remember eating, but they brought pizza rolls, bagel bites, Velveeta cheese, pizza and tator tots.  We drank beer and wine and played Cards Against Humanity.  My friend made a rice krispy treat, gumball and German chocolate cupcake cake.  Pretty good night.

 3. Giants games.  Several good times were had at AT&T park.  There was baby girl's first game, Giants brew fest and you can't forget game 7 of the playoffs where it poured down rain in the last inning and continued to pour as they won the game!

4. Walking to the waterfall in Novato.  Who knew that this amazing, beautiful place is just about 15 minutes from my house?? I spent a nice chunk of time with good company enjoying the outdoors.  I'm not sure what baby girl thought of it, but I thought it was pretty cool.  I only regret not being able to climb up above the waterfall.  Not an easy task with a 15 pound wiggly worm strapped to your chest.  I left my phone in the car and have no pictures, but I will make it back there one day after a good rain.  Or, if I really get my wish, during a good rain.

5.Baby girl's room. I adore her room.  It is fun, calming, creative - It's just a good place.  I love to just stand in it and look around.  I loved coming up with and creating all the little details - painting the tree, making the bird mobile, finding the carpet, making the banner, and painting her closet door with chalk paint.  I hope she grows to love it just as much as a I do.
6. Moving into the addition.  How amazing is it to dream, save, and watch that dream appear before your eyes?  We needed more space, but what we built is on the extravagant side and I love it.  The bathroom is amazing, the closet fits all my clothes and shoes together in one room (a luxury not had before) and there's still enough space in the bedroom to dance on the wood floor.
7. Watching baby girl meet each developmental milestone.  Calling me mama, rolling over, walking, understanding directions.  It is amazing to see her grow and she is so determined, just like her mama.  I really look forward to all the learning she has in store for the next year and really hope I can be around to see it all!

8. Hearing people tell me how happy my little girl is.  I never get tired of it.  She IS really happy.  Of course she has her moments - mostly when she is hungry, tired, or determined to have or do something not appropriate, but she is mostly full of smiles.  I read somewhere that eating chocolate everyday while pregnant makes for a happy baby.  I didn't really need an excuse to eat chocolate but who doesn't want a happy baby?  So, eat chocolate everyday is what I did.  Even after being diagnosed with gestation diabetes.  I love dark chocolate the best and got the ok to eat a square of 70% everyday - and I did.  And, I don't know if I can attribute her smiliness to my massive intake of chocolate during pregnancy, but I do have a pretty happy baby!

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