Friday, August 10, 2012

10 Things...

Wow. Has it really been since March that I last posted!?! Babies just soak up time. For this 10 things list, I'd like to express why I never am on the computer anymore...

 10 Reasons Why My Life Is Great...

 1. Baby Girl
She is so amazing and I am loving every second I get to spend with her right now. I never imagined that I could be so passionate about anything all day every day. There are moments where I still get overwhelmed with emotion and can't believe I made her and am just waiting for her mommy to come pick her up and pay me for babysitting. She is an extremely happy baby and I know I am lucky with how good a little girl she is. I never wanted to be "one of those mommies" whose life revolved around her child and had no other role. But I have enjoyed playing that role this summer and will be sad to head back to work in a week.

2. The Addition

While I do not recommend having a baby and then starting any construction, I am so excited that we had a vision, saved up for years and are now seeing it happen before our eyes. I know it is going to be worth moving everything to the living room and other bedroom and the in-laws house and feeling cramped and claustrophobic. It has also made us very good purgers.

 3. It's Summer
 It's my first summer in awhile that I didn't teacher summer school. While I missed teaching summer school, I have loved having all this time off. Only wish others weren't so busy so I could see more people. It's really just been baby girl and I all summer.

 4. Cookies
I'm breastfeeding and I had some supply issues. I found these cookies that are supposed to help with that. How great is it that I have a perfectly valid reason to eat cookies all. day. long. And I do eat them all day long.

 5. Not Gaining Weight
 My last post talked about cookies. I also frequently eat ice cream and anything else I want to eat. I have a voracious appetite. I love that I can eat so much and not gain weight. Now, I'm not losing weight and most of my pre-pregnancy bottoms don't fit, but I'm growing a little girl!

6. A day out that didn't involve a store
It's hard to get out with a baby by yourself, but staying home all day gets tiresome. I usually put her in the stroller and walk around the neighborhood or go to a store. We were actually able to make it to Lake Lagunitas for her first hike. It's beautiful there and Baby Girl really enjoyed looking at the trees.

7. Friends with Babies
 I'm lucky to have friends that just had babies too. You can get together and realize that you are not going through anything different than anyone else. I've also grown closer to some friends that I wasn't really close with through our babies. It really helps because some of my single friends have been pretty stinky lately.

 8. World's Best Daddy and Husband
Russ has been amazing through the pregnancy, the birth and after. He loves his little baby bear. I do not do well on little sleep and he often cooks, cleans and let's me take care of our little girl. He has no problem changing diapers, giving bottles and putting together all the stuff that she needs. He is also a World Champion swaddler. I am just not good at it. But he has it down.

 9. Work
 I get to go back to work part time and I couldn't be happier. I get to take responsibility for my child yet, feed my desire to fix the world just a bit.

10. Baby Girl
Oh come on, she gets at least two slots on this list!!

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  1. Aw, what sweet photos, I love the one of the hike, and the one of Daddy and baby. They really do take up your time don't they?! I'm glad you're enjoying it! x

  2. A very good and cute reason for being busy!

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