Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NVS Challenge!!

I am so in love with this month's challenge!! First it is extremely blue. I loooove blue. It also had lots of hearts and a cute, ruffly dress. I'm usually not girly, but I loved the girliness of this collage. What wasn't to like about it??

Since blue and black are really happy colors for me, I decided to use pictures from my birthday. My husband bought me an instax camera for Christmas. If you haven't seen one of these, it is AWESOME! It's like Polaroid, only the pictures are smaller. It's completely different than my usual digital camera, where I can take 500 pictures and not worry about deleting them later. You have 10 pictures on a roll of film and that is that. Take a picture you don't like? Sorry, it's yours forever. I love the thought process that is involved with this camera. You don't see that in any of these pictures, though! It was my birthday and I didn't take one instax photo all day!
All right, enough about my new camera. You came here for the scrap page! I used a lot of elements from the collage. I started with the wonderful color palette, grabbing a beautiful black background and some sparkly blue cardstock. I actually used the slice to cut our a title from the blue cardstock, but didn't like it and ended up using the sparkly, black cardstock letters over the blue paper. I, of course used the hearts, the film strip, butterflies, the small pictures and the ruffles on the blue dress as inspiration for my ribbon.

I had a great time pleating the ribbon and stapling it in place. After doing that, I glued it to the page. I thought the page was pretty with just the black background and the ribbon.

you've seen what I've done. Now it's time for you to show your stuff! Create something wonderful...doesn't have to be a scrapbook page...using the collage as your inspiration. Then post it at Nerdy*Victorious*Scrapbookers. You'll have a chance to win an awesome, scrappy prize. Also, we're looking for guest designers. If you'd like to be one, mention it in your post!

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