Sunday, February 6, 2011

LUBD @ Quincy's with Over the Falls and Snipers

Everyone who attended the show at Quincy's on January 28th witnessed a night of super, special rock awesomeness. The set started off with a band called Snipers. I really enjoyed them. There was no singing, just pure instruments.

I loved seeing him come out from behind the drums. How cute is that? He plays with no shoes and one leg rolled up! Guess you gotta get comfy with such a beautiful drum set.

Next on stage was LUBD. They played a great set with a couple of new songs. I'm really liking listening to their more mainstream music compared to my husband's past bands. He seems to be mellowing out as he gets younger!

I must say, Mic is actually one of the more difficult drummers to photograph. He takes his drumming very seriously. All my photographs find him deep in thought.

My new thing is take pictures of my feet with the world in front of me. I decided to try it out at the show. Not a bad picture. Makes me realize I need to clean my boots. You can look forward to many more shots of my world from this new perspective.

Last up was Over the Falls. They played a nice, long set with a break in between that contained an interesting surprise for a special lady.

Here's Ryan, the drummer, right before he, not really. He proposed to his girlfriend. And, lucky for him she said yes! I've never been privy to a proposal, except my own, of course. It was pretty exciting to see how happy both of them were.

Thanks everyone for a great night of music at Quincy's and for letting me stick my camera in your face and blind you with my flash. Thanks to Quincy's for the ever wonderful Gin and Tonics!

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