Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nerdy Victorious Scrapbookers April Layout

I absolutely love, love, love the collage for this month! It is Alice in Wonderland inspired. When I found this picture of my niece, I thought the quote from the collage would work perfectly. I used the dress in the background as my starting inspiration and worked in a clock, some hearts, the checkerboard pattern, and I placed my blond-haired girl in the right hand corner. I am really happy with how the collage turned out. And, I just adore my niece in that picture!!

Feeling inspired?? Alright, get scrapping. How can this collage NOT make you feel inspired. Post a link to your inspiration at NVS and be ready to possibly earn a wonderful prize pack from Snobby Walrus! What are you waiting for?? Get off the computer and go scrap!

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