Friday, March 26, 2010

Quincey's 2-19-10

The Parade Route rocked Quincey's with their "sub" drummer, John. It was a good show with the drummer making some noticeable changes. For some reason, it seemed easier to shoot this time. I did not have to really work at avoiding the mirror behind the stage area. The guys really called in some favors. The show started with a decent showing; however, when I turned around at the end, the place was packed! Fans had been missing their requirements of Parade Route!

I like how well Stephen photographed with his purple shirt. It makes him stand out against the drabness of the bar.

You could tell Russ was glad to be back on stage after a too long hiatus. He played and the joy was seen as well as heard. You can tell he was having fun by the faces he made.

Jon was difficult to photograph. He gets on stage and does his job. No funny business. I'll have to work at getting some good shots if he continues to fill in while the Parade Route searches for a drummer.

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